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The all-in-one platform to launch your website, take payments and host students & clients in under 30 minutes.

With Versai, you can 2x your revenue in 6 months or less!

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Manage your students and fans magically
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Host in a new video experience, made for you.

The online platform built by creators, for creators to thrive

Finding yourself managing all sorts of tools? Are the set-up times and bills adding up?
Your search is over. Versai is here for you.

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Finally, one platform to take you from launch to $$$ in under 30 minutes.

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Frustrated with establishing online?

An online presence is a requirement
Versai makes it easy

Versai gets you up and running with a website, a client manager, and an online studio, in minutes. Anything is possible, whether you’re building a local community or a global network.

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Existing options are awful, so we built Versai

Swap the fatigue for limitless creativity

Wasting time trying to create a great website, getting lost in spreadsheets, and finding video platforms frustrating? You never signed up for that. Choose Versai’s web builder and link-in-bio alternative that sets you up faster than you can say 5…6…7…8!  

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A centralized system that saves you time + money

All tools in one place keep you in flow

Between building a website, marketing, social media, payments and content creation, the business side of online teaching can quickly become a full-time job. Versai gives you everything you need in one place.

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What Versai replacesfor you

Website Builders
Payment Integrations
Client Management
Video Platforms

Versai Suite A True Showstopper

Whether online, in-person, or hybrid, we have all the tools you need to excel at teaching, managing, and expanding your creative business globally.

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Teacher Storefront

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Email Automation

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Reports & Analytics

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Client Bookings

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Master Library

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Congruent Mirroring

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Music Player

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Automatic Grouping

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Flexible Layouts

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Class Recording

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We believe in transparent pricing. All of Versai’s features are available to you for just 10% of revenue. That’s right, you keep 90%, sit back and relax, while we handle all your business needs.

What drives the Versai team
A word from our founders

Versai was born out of personal pain when co-founder Nishitha Viswanathan experienced the challenges of teaching dance online, and co-founder Soham Tikekar attempted to host online concerts. They decided it was time for the tools to catch up to the creators, and founded Versai to advocate for the unique needs of the booming creator economy.

With the technological expertise of a leading ex-Google engineer and the support of industry titan Dolby Labs, they set out to build the first and only platform designed to bring creative people confidently into the future of work.

Chantel Serita

I’ve always wanted to focus on teaching & not on the mountains of admin work and all the old solutions held me back.I’ve been waiting years for something like Versai. It was the missing puzzle piece!

Natasha Bhogal

I used to end up wasting loads of time on payment logging and directions, when teaching virtual classes. All my students have only had positive things to say, thanks to the reduced  visual lag and the music functionality. Versai’s been a lifesaver and teaching virtually feels way less intimidating!

Allison Piette

Everything wrong with Zoom is right with Versai!

Ananya Verma

As a budding dancer, I’ve always worked for someone else. This was because I didn’t have the tools or resources to forge my own path.
Versai’s platform made it easily possible to build a portfolio & a storefront, sell my classes and create a personal brand.

The Versai team is made up of passionate creatives who understand my pain, and thus this platform has become integral to my dance journey!